Are You a Venue Seeking an In-house Audiovisual Partner?

We are proud of our position as the trusted, exclusive on-site event provider of choice at more than 2100年主要场所 including sports and entertainment venues, 赌场, 酒店, 度假村, and 会议中心s.



As the level of production and breadth of technology continues to grow, so does the demand to deliver engaging experiences. Humans are built for connection and more than ever, crave in-person experiences. Partnering with Encore positions your venue with the technical knowledge and resources to deliver outstanding experiences. With unparalleled customer service, we will inspire your clients, driving loyalty and repeat bookings to help you increase revenue for your venue and stakeholders.


It’s not about the Gear – it’s about Service, Strategy and 生产

Our highly skilled professionals are trained with the technical expertise and hospitality that your brand requires. Using creative strategy and innovative technology, we create a customized solution for every event.

From boardroom to ballroom, courtyard to stadium, we consider ourselves part of your team. 

体育 & 娱乐

Event and meeting planners are always seeking unique venues that will “wow” their guests. 赌场, professional sports venues and other entertainment spaces provide a great atmosphere for concerts, celebrations and other events.

Whether you’re looking to generate non-game day revenue or need production support, Encore’s team can manage any private event.


酒店 & 度假村

Partner with us at 酒店 and 度假村 to imagine, plan, and execute big and small meetings.

We partner with over 1,500 酒店 and 度假村 around the world. With a long history of support, we’re proud to partner with Marriott, 希尔顿, 凯悦, 四个季节, 丽思卡尔顿酒店, 喜来登, 威斯汀, 和芬威球场. We work with venues around the world – across the United States, 加拿大, 加勒比海, 墨西哥, Europe and the Middle East.



We work with over 1,000 event planners every day to plan and manage events of all sizes.

We provide creative and production services; rigging, 互联网服务, 照明, and sound systems; and a range of event support services and technologies that will take your general sessions, 痘, and tradeshows to the next level.



Encore’s gaming division exclusively provides event technology services to the 赌场, 酒店, 和游戏产业. 

Encore has audiovisual contracts in seven gaming jurisdictions (Australia, 内华达, 新泽西, 密歇根, 马里兰, 麻萨诸塞州 & 密西西比州).

Encore has been serving the gaming industry for over thirty years and is by far one of the largest event technology suppliers to the gaming industry. 


如果你的酒店, 度假胜地, 会议中心, 赌场, sports or entertainment facility is interested in learning more about our in-house services, 让必威滚球讨论一下.


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