这是隐私政策 必威集团(美国)有限公司 及其附属公司.


The privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us. We do not share your personal information in ways not disclosed in our privacy policy or without your informed permission. We value your trust highly and strive to protect the confidentiality and appropriate 使用 of any personal information you provide to us. 详情描述如下.

If there are questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact: 

5100 N. 河路
电子邮件: privacyoffice@lectronphones.com


Below is a list of the topics covered within this 隐私政策 by heading:

  • 本隐私政策的目的
  • 必威收集和使用的个人身份信息
  • 个人身份信息披露
  • 网站及互联网隐私
  • 其他网站的连结
  • 活动信息的收集
  • 被动信息收集
  • 资讯的其他用途及披露
  • 数据安全
  • 为营销目的处理PII 
  • 询问必威滚球/本隐私政策的执行情况
  • 更改本隐私政策
  • 接受本隐私政策 




再来一个认识到保护您的信息的重要性, 包括 your personally identifiable information (such as your name, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址和其他联系方式, 集体, “PII),你提供给必威, 必威收集关于你的信息, 必威从其他渠道获得的, 《必威》创造了关于你的故事. This 隐私政策 sets out our policies regarding the collection, 个人资料的使用和披露, 通过必威滚球的线上和线下业务. This 隐私政策 also explains how you can exercise your rights in relation to the PII we hold about you and how you can let us know if you do not wish 再来一个 to 使用 你PII for marketing or promotional purposes.

The purpose of this 隐私政策 is to tell you how 再来一个 strives to better serve you by keeping you informed of promotions, 产品和服务, 而, 同时, PII维护你.

This 隐私政策 is incorporated into, and made part of, 再来一个’s websites (the “再来一个网站”).



When you order equipment or services and/or join one of 再来一个’s programs, 必威滚球需要向你收集某些个人资料,以便向你提供服务及改善必威滚球的服务. The service that you choose will determine what information we collect from you. 这些信息可能包括但不限于:

  • 的名字: We collect your name to provide you services and communications related to new services so we can identify you.
  • 签名字体必威滚球可能需要您的签字,以批准必威滚球所提供的商品或服务的购买.
  • 个人或商业电子邮件地址: We collect your 电子邮件地址 as our primary method of identifying unique customers and 使用rs of our goods and services. 
  • 家庭或商业街道地址: We collect your business or personal 街道地址 to send you invoices or information about the goods and services that we offer.
  • 必威滚球可以联系你的电话号码: We collect 电话号码s so that we can reach you related to existing ordered goods or services and future needed services.
  • 信用卡号码: We collect your credit card numbers beca使用 we may permit you to pay for our goods or services by credit card.
  • 其他财务信息: We may request certain financial information from you for purposes of checking your credit history and receiving payments from you.

We may also require certain information from you when you request any of the following services or equipment: special equipment needs, 特殊服务需求, 特殊的商业条款, 或者使用一个你有资格接受的具体邀请. 例如, if you wish to 使用 an equipment offer that 再来一个 provides to members of an association/affiliate to which you belong, we may need to collect information about your membership to verify your qualification for the offer and provide you with the correct offered services.

您可以选择不向必威滚球提供您的部分PII, 但这可能会妨碍必威滚球为您提供服务, 或者限制必威滚球向您提供您期望必威滚球提供的服务水平的能力.

必威的网站和服务不是针对或打算为18岁以下的人. 再来一个 does not knowingly collect PII from persons under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please do not provide such information to us. 


在必威网站的不同地点, you might choose to actively provide certain kinds of information, 包括PII. The 再来一个网站 typically will indicate which information is required and which information is optional at the information collection point in question. 在任何情况下, 通过一个活跃的信息收集点在任何再来一个网站提交信息, 您同意收集, 使用, and dissemination of such information in accordance with this 隐私政策.

Active information collection points at 再来一个网站 may include:


喝采维护严格的标准,以保护您的PII. We 使用 encryption technology to ensure the secure transmission of any PII you provide for 使用 during an onsite transaction. 必威滚球的再来一个网站上的所有交易都使用128位安全套接字层(SSL)加密. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. 这个链接确保了所有在web服务器和浏览器之间传递的数据保持私有和完整. SSL is an industry standard and is 使用d by millions of websites in the protection of online transactions with customers. You can easily determine when you are sending data securely by looking at the web 添加ress (URL) in your browser window: the first few letters will change, 当您在传输受SSL加密保护的信息时,从“http”到“http”. “http”中的“s”代表“secure”.”  


The 再来一个网站 may provide you with one or more 电子邮件 mechanisms through which you may submit questions or 评论. Information you provide via such 电子邮件 mechanisms is typically optional. We may 使用 the information you provide in your 电子邮件 to respond to your inquiry, and we reserve the right to retain whatever information you submit in your 电子邮件, 包括通过电子邮件机制的任何PII.


The 再来一个网站 may post a form for you to 使用 in submitting questions, 评论, 以及其他关于必威滚球的反馈, 必威滚球的子公司, 再来一个网站, 或必威滚球的附属公司的产品和服务, 和其他的话题. 必威滚球使用这样的反馈信息来改进再来一个站点, and 子公司’ 产品和服务 as well as for marketing and research purposes. 在这些表格中提供的大多数信息是可选的, 但您至少需要提供一些PII, 这样必威滚球才能答复你的询问.


The 再来一个网站 may include a form that you can 使用 to request information about us, 必威滚球的子公司, 或必威滚球的附属公司的产品和服务, 或者索要目录、小册子或报价. 除了要求你确定你感兴趣的特定信息或材料之外, 这些表格可能要求, 在其他方面, 你PII, so that we may send you the information or materials you request. These forms may also request certain information about you to help us better understand your interests and needs.


The 再来一个网站 may ask you to complete optional surveys and evaluations about us, 必威滚球的子公司, 再来一个网站, 或必威滚球的附属公司的产品和服务, 和其他的话题. These surveys and evaluations might request PII so that we can follow up with you. 通常, 必威滚球使用这样的调查和评估来更好地了解必威滚球的客户和他们的偏好.


As access to portions of the 再来一个 Site is restricted to authorized 使用rs, 您可能需要填写一份注册表格. 此表格可能要求您提供各种信息,以帮助必威滚球识别您并与您联系, 包括一些个人信息和你和必威滚球的关系. Registration information will be associated with your 使用rname and password, 没有它,你将不能访问再来一个网站的限制部分.


当您订购设备或服务时,必威滚球也将记录详细说明您订单的信息(例如.g. 你在哪里订购设备或服务的, 您在何时何地使用这些设备或服务, 付款安排, 与设备或服务人员相关的保险偏好和其他信息).

How we collect information will depend on how you 使用 our services. 必威滚球可能会通过邮寄方式直接向您收集这些信息, 电话, 传真, 电子邮件, 在必威滚球的办公室, 在完成申请或注册表格后, 或通过您使用必威滚球的再来一个网站或互联网. 在一定程度上,您使用必威滚球的再来一个网站, we may also collect information about your 使用 of our 再来一个网站, 交易和帐户信息, 电子邮件 and other information related to communications to our 再来一个网站.


The 再来一个网站 使用s various technologies to passively collect information from you 而 you are visiting (that is, 您没有主动提供此信息). Such technologies allow 再来一个网站 to collect a range of PII, 包括 your Internet Protocol (IP) 添加ress (a unique identifier automatically assigned to your computer when logging onto the Internet), 您使用的web浏览器和操作系统类型, 日期和时间,您访问再来一个网站, 你在再来一个网站上访问的特定页面, and the 添加ress of the website you visited before coming to 再来一个网站. We typically 使用 such passively collected PII for a variety of purposes, 比如管理再来一个网站, 根据您的喜好定制再来一个网站, and compile aggregated statistics for marketing and research purposes.

Two types of passive information collection technologies deserve a special mention:


“cookie”是一种小型文本文件,存储关于你与某个特定网站的交互信息, 临时(称为“临时”或“会话”cookie), and deleted once you close your browser window) or more permanently on the hard drive of your computer (known as a “permanent” or “persistent cookie”). 饼干可以让服务器快速访问某些信息,从而使网站使用更容易:

Session cookies can be 使用d to help a 使用r’s browser navigate a website more smoothly and may show up if the 使用r comes from a website with which the subsequent website has some relationship (e.g., a website of an affiliated company) and can give helpful information. 

持久cookie可以用于为用户定制网站, 例如通过存储密码, 首选项, and registration and account information so that 使用rs do not have to re-enter them each time they visit a website.

The 再来一个 Site 使用s both session/temporary cookies and persistent/permanent cookies to store information that allows us to offer you better customer service and to navigate through the 再来一个 Site with ease. 为了使再来一个站点更容易使用,必威滚球将通过cookies收集的信息与PII相结合. You agree that we have the right to 使用 both session/temporary cookies and persistent/permanent in the ways we have described in this privacy policy.

请注意,如果您将浏览器配置为拒绝cookies, you might not be able to access important functions or areas of the 再来一个 Site or enjoy certain conveniences at the 再来一个 Site.


We may also collect information about you indirectly through a travel agent, 你或你的雇主参加的帐户计划, 通过会议策划者或其他活动组织者, 或者通过必威滚球的合作项目, 当你通过这些手段与必威滚球打交道时. 此外,必威滚球的关联方和第三方可能向必威滚球提供有关您的信息.



The law requires us to only 使用 你PII where specific justifications apply. We set out the lawful justifications we rely upon to 使用 你PII below. 返场、关联方和非关联方有必要处理您的PII:

  • 提供您所要求的服务和产品, and to communicate with you regarding such services and offerings; and
  • 做所有管理这些服务所需的事情.

必威滚球处理您提供给必威滚球的PII的目的是为了再来一个的以下合法利益, 附属和非附属第三方:

  • To research, develop, manage, protect and improve our 再来一个网站 and services;
  • 维护、发展及改善本署以服务为本的软件及其他业务系统;
  • To analyze data, or to have a third party do so on our behalf; and
  • 进行直接的市场营销活动.

We also 使用 你PII information or some discrete part such as your 电子邮件地址 for other 再来一个 marketing and communication purposes.

如果您使用必威滚球的再来一个网站, information may also be 使用d to evaluate what portions of our 再来一个网站 are visited more often than others, 确定访客来自哪里, 他们去哪里, 以及他们停留在特定页面的时间, 或在再来一个网站上.

必威滚球可能会将透过不同方式或在不同时间向您收集的资料进行配对, 包括, 例如, 在线和离线收集的信息, and 使用 such information along with information obtained from other sources, 包括 third parties with whom we have a confidentiality agreement in place. 要做到这一点, it is often necessary to share this information with carefully selected vendors and business partners we work with, 例如管理账户的公司, 提供关联, 老用户, 和奖励计划, and companies that perform marketing services and other business operations for us. 有关更多信息,请参阅下面的披露.


You agree that we have the right to disclose to and share 你PII with affiliated and non-affiliated organizations 包括, 例如:

  • 如果您在公司或其他商业账户下使用必威滚球的服务,则发送给您的公司或组织;
  • 代表必威滚球提供服务的实体;
  • 给你的信用卡发行人;
  • 向信用报告和欺诈检查机构;
  • To debt collection agencies, if you fail to pay monies owed to us;
  • 政府, 法律要求或授权披露的监管和执法机构, and otherwise as we believe is necessary or appropriate to satisfy any law, 法规或其他政府要求, 正确运作必威滚球的再来一个网站, or to protect or defend our rights or the rights or well-being of our employees, 使用rs or others or if you are involved (or are suspected by governmental authorities or our security functions to be involved) in any il法律 activity, 即使没有传票, 手令或法庭命令.
  • 您在必威滚球的再来一个网站上访问哪些页面, 本公司联属公司及认可的第三方供应商, and venue partners for their 使用 both on our behalf and for their own business purposes in connection with 再来一个 services.
  • 其他非附属第三方, 如为或通过必威滚球的再来一个网站或为必威滚球的业务提供服务的实体(e.g., 广告商, 广告服务器, 内容提供商, 服务提供者, 信用卡处理器, 实现服务提供商, 电子邮件 list hosting companies and distribution companies) that 使用 such information on our behalf in a way which is consistent with this 隐私政策. 这些类型的第三方不允许将您的信息用于任何次要目的.


偶尔, our service providers may have access to information you submit via 再来一个网站 to provide operational or other support services for 再来一个网站 (e.g.、网络主机或数据库服务). We have put in place agreements with such service providers to protect against unauthorized 使用s or disclosures of such information.

Except as otherwise provided in the “活动信息的收集” section above, 必威滚球保留提供访问的权利, or otherwise transfer PII you submit via 再来一个网站 to our contracted third party business partners (包括 电子邮件 delivery services and 内容提供商), 子公司, 和经销商在本隐私政策中所述的目的.  We have shared personal information with our contracted third-party business partners in the preceding twelve (12) months.  必威滚球通常向签约第三方提供的共享信息类别通常包括:姓名, 街道地址, 电子邮件地址, 和电话号码.

We have not sold the personal information of adults or minors to any unaffiliated third parties within the prior twelve (12) months and we will not do so in the future.

尽管本隐私政策或再来一个网站上其他地方有任何相反的规定, 必威滚球保留分享或转让任何信息的权利, 包括PII, 您通过再来一个网站提交给与销售有关的另一个人或公司, assignment or other transfer of the business of 再来一个网站 and/or 再来一个 (in whole or in part or any of their assets), 包括 bankruptcy; to respond to law enforcement requests; or where required by applicable law, 法令, 监管, 条例, 传票, 或法院命令. 通过提交PII通过再来一个网站, you consent to such disclosures in accordance with this 隐私政策.

PII的所有转移, 国际或其他, shall be in compliance with this 隐私政策 and all applicable laws.


You have the right to ask 再来一个 not to process 你PII for marketing purposes, 由必威滚球或必威滚球的第三方供应商代表必威滚球. We will ask you (before collecting 你PII) if we intend to 使用 你PII for such purposes or if we intend to disclose 你PII to any third party for such purposes. You can exercise your right to prevent such processing by checking certain boxes on the forms we 使用 to collect 你PII. 您也可以随时打电话给必威滚球来行使这项权利, 发送一个电子邮件, 或写信到以下地址:

5100 N. 河路

电子邮件: privacyoffice@lectronphones.com

如果您订阅了再来一个邮件列表, your name and 电子邮件地址 will be 添加ed to the subscribers’ database and you will be sent updates about 再来一个 activities. 如果您不再希望收到此类更新, please click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the 电子邮件s or contact us at any time by 电子邮件 or by post (as set out above) and we will remove your details as soon as possible. We may also provide 添加itional methods for you to let us know whether you would like us to 使用 and/or disclose 你PII for promotional and marketing purposes, 例如,通过点击位于必威滚球的再来一个网站页面上的一个复选框,您的PII被收集, 或者在您预订时提供的其他服务.

Your option not to receive promotional and marketing material: (a) shall not preclude us from corresponding with you, 通过电子邮件或其他方式, 关于贵方与我方的关系(如.g., 您的帐户状态和活动或必威滚球对您向必威滚球提出的问题或询问的回应, confirmations for existing reservations); (b) shall not preclude us, 包括必威滚球的员工, 承包商, 代理人及其他代表, from accessing and viewing 你PII for our internal business purposes; and (c) shall not preclude us from disclosing 你PII as described in this 隐私政策 for purposes other than sending you promotional and marketing materials.


针对欧洲经济区(EEA)的客户, 必威滚球从您那里收取的PII将被转移到, 并存储在, 欧洲经济区以外的目的地. 它也将由在欧洲经济区以外为必威滚球或必威滚球的供应商工作的工作人员处理. 这包括从事, 在其他方面, 你订单的完成情况, the processing of your payment details and the provision of support services. By submitting 你PII, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing. 再来一个 will take all steps reasonably necessary to help safeguard 你PII and see that it is treated in accordance with this privacy policy. All PII you provide to us is stored on our servers which employ security measures consistent with industry standards.


Although we take steps to protect personally identifiable information you provide via 再来一个网站 from loss, 滥用, 或未经授权的变更, 没有一个系统是100%安全或无错误的. 因此, 必威滚球不, ,不能, guarantee the security or accuracy of the information we collect via the 再来一个 Site, 并且您承认您将承担向必威滚球传送任何信息的风险.

It is your responsibility to safeguard any 使用rnames and passwords you 使用 to access portions of the 再来一个 Site and to notify us if you ever suspect that these 使用rnames or passwords have been compromised. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any unauthorized 使用 of this Site conducted via your 使用rname or password. 必威滚球要求您不要与任何人共享密码.


确保公平处理, 你PII will not be retained by 再来一个 for longer than necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was originally collected, 或者被进一步处理,比如税务, 会计, 法律, 或法律要求的报告目的.  


你可以行使你的权利去查看必威滚球掌握的关于你的个人信息, 以及必威滚球持有的有关您的个人信息的其他权利, 联络私隐专员公署. 如果你提出与你的任何权利有关的要求, 再来一个 will consider each such request in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and 监管s.

We will need to verify your identity before we can fully respond to a request and in some jurisdictions we are permitted to charge a nominal fee to cover the administrative costs of providing you with details of the PII we hold about you. 如果您是欧洲经济区的客户, no administration fee will be charged for considering and/or complying with a request unless the request is deemed to be excessive in nature.

If you wish to contact us to: (1) inquire about our privacy practices; (2) provide feedback and 评论 regarding our privacy practices; or (3) access or correct 你PII we have, 如上文所述,请联系必威滚球.

如果您是欧洲经济区的客户, you may be able to exercise the rights below. 如欲行使下列有关个人资料的权利,请以书面形式向 privacyoffice@lectronphones.com.

  • 信息访问
  • 反对处理您的PII
  • 反对自动化决策和分析
  • 对PII处理的限制
  • PII整改
  • PII擦除

如果您是欧洲经济区的客户, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. 英国的监管机构是信息专员,您可以通过以下地址与他联系 http://ico.org.uk/concerns/ 或联系电话:+44 (0)0303 123 113.


必威滚球的再来一个网站可能包含链接或引用到必威滚球控制之外的其他网站, 这些网站的隐私政策与必威滚球的再来一个网站是分开的,可能与必威滚球自己的不同. Please be aware that we have no control over such websites and our privacy policy does not apply to such websites. 必威滚球建议您在通过该等网站披露任何PII之前,先检查该等网站的隐私政策.


如果你有任何问题, 评论, 或对本隐私政策的担忧, 或本网站的资讯惯例, 请以下列方式之一与必威滚球联络:


5100 N. 河路


必威保留权利, 在必威滚球的自由裁量权, 改变, 修改, 添加, or remove portions from this 隐私政策 at any time so visitors are encouraged to review this 隐私政策 at the inception of each session. If 再来一个 makes a material change to our practices with regard to PII that would negatively affect the privacy and/or security of 你PII, 再来一个会提前通知你,并给你一段合理的时间来反对任何此类更改.


通过使用必威滚球的再来一个网站, 或以其他方式向必威滚球提供您的PII, 您表示接受必威滚球的隐私政策. 如果您不同意此政策,请不要使用再来一个网站或向必威滚球提供任何PII.


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